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Any person wishing to apply for membership must if possible be recommended by a club member.If you do not know a club member you can request an APP. Form from the Secretary anyway & we will take it from there.

At the moment we do not have an indoor range so we use the MOD Gallery range at Dechmont which we share with  two other local clubs. You can shoot the last Sunday in every month, occasionally the Army commandeer our allocated slot which will be relocated to a later date of which you will be notified via the website or whatever.

Shooting starts @ around 1030hrs and finishes 1600hrs

From April till October we shoot every Thursday evening from 1800hrs - 2100hrs (daylight hours permitting).

The cost of a yearly Membership is --------- £80.00

This includes any training required on the use of firearms.

Currently we have 43 members who shoot Full Bore Rifle / L/B Revolver, Small Bore Rifle & Black Powder Pistol & Rifle in various calibers & actions.

 We hold a clay pigeon shoot when it can be arranged, usually there are prizes for the best three highest scores

The club is Home Office Approved and is Affiliated to the NRA.



So if you wish to join as a novice or already hold an FAC just follow instructions below.



Joining Balornock Rifle Club as a Novice.

Request  an Application Form to join the club from website.

If you know a member who can vouch for you, come to the range with him/her, pay 3.00 to cover insurance and sign in as a visitor. If you wish to shoot you will be allowed to, but you must be supervised by the training officer --- In the event of him not being present a qualified RCO will supervise & assess you. You will be tested using a small caliber rifle.

Being deemed as competent to use a rifle you can apply for a probationary membership at either of the two contacts above. If accepted you will serve a 6 month probationary period followed by a test. All being well after that, you will become a full member & you can then apply for your FAC.

For those who already hold a FAC

Rule 1 still applies --- but if you have been assessed as ok, you will then be given a verbal test on safety etc. If you pass you will receive your application form to join the club .

Please note: Before you can shoot on MOD ranges with you firearms you must be assessed by the secretary to show you are competent to use them.  Once you completed this successfully a card with your firearms (Certified the use of.) will be issued.

Until you have your card you must be supervised when shooting any firearm on MOD Ranges.




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